Wednesday 28 November 2018

Can I Just Have It All ?

''Can I Just Have It All'' is a poem written by amazingly talented young Serbian writer & poet Staša Vukadinović (Stasha Vukadinovic). The poem beautifully explains the world we live in, the influence of the society we are facing in every day life, norms, barriers, restrictions just so we have that feeling that we belong, that we are accepted & to some extend, the fear of showing that beautiful diversity within us just so we are not judged or misunderstood.

Staša's style is extremely sharp, clear & straight to the point. The words she uses make you think, feel & very often recognise yourself in them. As one said, her poems will save the world, so I have no choice then help the world understands them :) .  

Translating from Serbian I always find extremely challenging, due to the depth & the wit of the language, but will do my best to keep Staša's style of expression & the spirit of the language.


- Can I just have it all?
- What do you mean - ''all''?
- All, just like everything.
- No, not everything, you have to choose the side.

But I want to have it all.

To wake up early
And to fall asleep late at night
To talk nicely
And to swear badly
To live a healthy life
And to party hard
In the nature to live
And the big city to inhale in
To wear girly dresses 
And to dress up as a boy
Bright ones to love
And dark ones even more
Peacemaker to be
And fight strongly until the very end
Blues to listen to
And glasses to break*
Ferrante to adore
But keep Knausgard under my pillow
To have a dog
But hang out with that naughty cat
To carry the sword
But leave my shield behind
To hug gently
And bite strongly
To ride the bike
And possess the car
In the eyes of LOVE realistically to look at 
And for IT sacrifice myself fiercely.


- You can not do that, I say, you have to choose the side.
- Well, that is not coming to my mind. 

*in Serbian culture, when deeply touched by a song, when strong feeling of happiness overcomes, we would break the glass towards the floor or a wall, we call those people ''merakliye'', yes, you do want to have them around you :)

This Is Staša 

Written by Staša Vukadinović 

Edited and translated from the Serbian 

by Mari Lon 

London, November 2018

Saturday 18 August 2018

Introduction To The World of TaRoT



  Introduction To The World of TaRoT 

**The Journey of The Fool**


TaRoT - ''Intuitive method that has the purpose of understanding the flow of life'' - Carl Jung.   

Discover the mystery of the tarot cards, learn how to use it for your own spiritual development before being able to help others. If the Tarot is a new world to you or you have some knowledge, you are at the right place. This two hours workshop sets you on a journey of exploration. And this is just the beginning. The Fool's Journey is a metaphor for the journey through life. Each major arcana card stands for a stage on that journey - an experience that a person must incorporate to realise his wholeness. As we begin to understand the common archetypes and mythology each of humanity we are able to tap into what Carl Jung called the Collective Unconscious. The Tarot is a wonderful tool to help us bring these aspects of ourselves to the surface and give the clarity we seek.

The deck that will be used for this workshop is Morgan-Greer Tarot deck - reworking of the Rider-Waite deck created in the 1970s. The cards are borderless, and the artwork has a lush, immediate feel, where the characters are shown in close-up, great option for beginners. 




- My Personal Tarot Story & Journey

- Tarot Symbolism:
  • Major Arcana - 22
  • Minor Arcana - 56
  • Four Suits - Cups, Wands, Swords, Pentacles
  • Court Cards - Kings, Queens, Knights, Pages
- Psychic Energy: Chakras, Auras, Protection & Cleansing (meditation, crystals, sage, sandal wood, candles)

- How to do readings - basic
- Questions 


     - New Beginnings

      - Risk

      - Major transitions


      - No Experience/ No Fear 


           - Energy

           - Focus

           - Concentration

           - Self-awareness

           - Love of new ideas         

          - Intuition

        - Natural Rhythm

        - Psychic ability & Vision

        - Silence to find the answers

        - Inaction as the best course  of action 


              - Creativity 

            - Love and Sensuality

            - Motherhood

            - Unconditional Love

            - Nature & Health  


           - Having a Power

            - Authority 

            - Courage

            - Ambition

                - Organisation

             - Institution

             - Traditional Values 

             - Learning from The Past



       - Seeking Union with Another 

       - Passion

       - Strong Connection


       - Unity  


       - Drive, Ambition

       - Focus, Progress

       - Self-discipline, Self-control

       - Travel, Victory


      - Inner Balance

      - Control Power

      - Courage

      - Love

     - Patience


      - Introspection

    - Soul Searching

    - Inner-guidance

    - Realizing - Answers are within Us 


       - Chance

       - Optimism

       - Karma

       - New Beginning

       - Luck 

         - Equality 

      - Balance

      - Justice

      - What goes around comes               around  

   - Pause

   - Surrender

   - Letting go

   - New perspective on situation

  - Significant Positive Life-change

  - Renewal, Endings

  - Transformation

  - Liberation

- Balance (after the ''Death")

- Art

- Harmony & Flow 

- Mixing the ring ingredient in Life to reach easy flow  


    - Shadow-self

    - Attachment

    - Addiction

    - Temptations 

    - Desire 

    - Sudden change

    - Awakening

    - Force of Nature

    - Unexpected Events 


   - Hope & Faith

   - Purpouse

   - Renewal 

   - Spirituality 

    - Illusion

   - Subconscious Mind

   - Intuition   

   - Imagination 

    - Achivement

    - Accomplishment 

    - Happiness

    -  Success & Joy 

   - Spiritual Awakening

   - Rebirth

   - New purpose

   - Self-assignment

   - Judgement 

    - Competition

   - Accomplishment 

   - Travel

    - Fulfillment

    - Wholeness  

 Psychic Energy: Chakras, Auras

Protection & Cleansing
(meditation, crystals, sage, sandal wood, candles)

Wednesday 18 July 2018

''Bohemian Angolo Di Londra''

''Bohemian Angolo Di Londra'' is the name I gave to a place where I leave. Who ever came to visit me would say they feel like they are in the movie set or different planet, it's a chaos in order. Well, that's me and my planet.

Living in London, and being able to travel quite often, I have that pleasure of coming across & collecting beautiful vintage pieces & objects. One would say these are just ''dust collectors'' but for me - this is my private museum, this is the place where I feel at home, this is ME.

Couple of years ago, my beautiful dear friend Arghavan aka Mey, told me that well known Danish photographer and video-maker Lasse Hoile would be interested to film two videos at my place. Well, for me this was like a dream come true, as I always dreamed about having my live-in studio where the art would be made, where people would connect and get inspired. And this happened.

Earlier this year, in March, Lasse launched his amazing photography book ''Portraits by Lasse Hoile'' and some of the photographs from the set were included in the collection.
Feeling so privileged to be part of this journey and helping the art happening.

Watch full videos here: 

Blackfield V is the new album from Aviv Geffen and Steven Wilson on Kscope. The penultimate track on the album "Lonely Soul" was performed collaboratively by the duo with extra vocals from Alex Moshe.

Image may contain: 3 people, people sitting and indoor
From the set at Bohemian Angolo di Londra, London, Spring 2017

Image may contain: one or more people
From the set, Arghavan - Mey at Bohemian Angolo di Londra- London, Spring 2017

Image may contain: one or more people and indoor
From the set, at Bohemian Angolo di Londra, London, Spring 2017

Latest project - video/documentary/interview for upcoming solo exhibition '' S.O.L.I.T.U.D.E. with amazingly talented crew from The Factory 45

Saturday 26 May 2018

S.O.L.I.T.U.D.E. - Self-Portrait Series

''My camera is my closest friend, my room is my studio, place where my magic happens,  
where my inspiration has no limits.

S.O.L.I.T.U.D.E. is series of self-portraits made to show a real state of the ''object'', inside and outside. 

What do I want to say with my art?

To bring awareness of how important solitude is. 
Solitude is the state of being alone without being lonely. 
It gives us time to explore and know ourselves, to restore our body and mind, to find that strong and balanced feminine energy within.'

All the photos were taken by Vintage Russian Lens Helios  44 -2 58mm 
and Cannon EOS camera. 

On 16th May 2018 the street art exhibition  S.O.L.I.T.U.D.E. was released by American artists as a part of  ''Project Obscura''  in Arcata, California 
and will bi on until July 2018

Very pleased to announce, S.O.L.I.T.U.D.E. is coming to London, :

S.O.L.I.T.U.D.E. & The Factory 45

Wednesday 2 May 2018

Art Of Motion

Mari Lon during her live dance performance as a part of the project ''Art of Motion'', 19th May 2018 Photo@Studio Ana D'Apuzzo

We are happy to invite you to join us under the magic hill’s shadow of Monte Verità, to celebrate the fusion of arts. We are honoured to be continuing this wonderful story that started 120 years ago.

“The Art of Motion” is a collaborative event featuring light which generates movement and space and speaks about endless mind and creation. The audience will be welcomed by the London dancer Mari Lon who will open the dance-inspired art exhibition with her modern dance light-bathed performance on stage. The light will be the protagonist that runs through the event, making a dialogue between the art of dance and impressionistic paintings.

Monte Verità: "The place where our minds can reach up to the heavens..."
From the 1900s, Monte Verità, above Ascona, became a pole of attraction for free spirits and creative people from all the world, seeking the ‘'free'' life connected with nature.

Their social organisation based on the co-operative system and through which they strove to achieve the emancipation of women, self-criticism, new ways of cultivating the mind and spirit and the unity of body and soul.

The revolutionary ideals emerging from this community, quickly started to spread across Europe and overseas. This unique place became over the years a sanctuary often visited by many famous people along with a non-conformist crowd: nudists, feminists, philosophers, theosophists, anarchists, followed by writers, poets and artists such as August Bebel, Lenin, Trotzki, Hugo Ball, Hans Arp, Marianne von Werefkin, El Lissitzky, Paul Klee, Carl Jung, Herman Hesse, Franz Kafka, Rudolf von Laban, Mary Wigman, Isadora Duncan and many others.

In his book Mountain of Truth, the historian Martin Green describes Ascona as “a nature-cure resort; an artist’s quarter; an international centre of anarchism; a source of Dada; and the home of Modern Dance.”

In 1913 in Ascona, Rudolf Laban invented and established the first world modern dance school. This experimental dance school was attached to Monte Verità, a picturesque vegetarian sanctuary that offered nature cures as Laban would call them “light and air baths”. Laban and his group pioneered dance based on the liberated body with the power to experience and show a single, great, supreme emotion: ecstasy. Ecstasy was seen as a tool to shatter middle class conventions, to return the alienated, mechanised modern subject back into harmony with the body, nature, and the unconscious rhythm of life. It was at Ascona that Laban first experimented with dance notation that he is now famous for. He studied the modern dance along with great dancers of that time, Mary Wigman, Isadora Duncan and Maga Magazinovic. His student, Maga Magazinovic established the first modern dance school in Belgrade and was the first woman that graduated at university at that time.

Creative sisters - Mari Lon & Ana D'Apuzzo, Photo@Studio Ana D'Apuzzo
Charlotte Bara, Duncan’s student, was an artist of faith based in Ascona who founded the theatre San Materno. She was in continuous search for spirituality, which she represented in all her appearances on stage. The hands are a recurrent theme of every dance and art, as she herself said, "We breathe the world through our hands, they translate the subtlest thought to unite the body and the spirit." For her every movement must “send its vibrations up to the sky and become part of the eternal rhythm.” 

Ascona, Switzerland, May 2018 Photo@Studio Ana D'Apuzzo

Art exhibition has 28 paintings painted by Ana D’Apuzzo made in original oil on canvas technique inspired with dance and Monte Verità story.

Lugano Ascona - Locarno Activities Group 
Culture and Entratement
Title: Art of Motion: dance and exhibition
Time: Saturday, 19 May From 19:00 - 21:00 
Place: Citta Vecchia Ascona, Passagio San Pietro